1. thank you so much for this wonderful post. We have a baby now, but we have already been praying/ thinking about how to handle this, and you have given many great ideas here. Thanks for encouraging me daily to read the Word. = )

    • Monica– I’m glad that Lindsay’s post was encouraging to you. How wonderful that you’re seeking the Lord when your baby is young. 🙂 By the way, I’ve been enjoying reading your new blog. I can tell you’ve not just been reading the Word casually.

  2. Wow, Michelle…you sure covered a lot of bases on this topic. =) I had a friend from Haiti who once said to me, “Materialism is not merely having too many things…it is the attitude with which you possess them.” One can possess very little, and still be a materialist. I address this often with my kids. My daugher esp. has a hard time turning loose of things, even if they are no longer meaningful to her.

    I often think of this issue when driving through town, past the storage units. Every town has them…rows and rows of little metal boxes full of things folks don’t look at but perhaps once a year…yet cannot do without. In our generation of “nesters” I think there are more and more people decorating and accumulating and fewer and fewer with their Heavenly home in mind. These are important things to consider as we teach and model correct attitudes.

    • Diane– these words were written by my friend Lindsay. She warned me that it was a long post, but I couldn’t think of what to omit. 🙂 I agree with you that attitude is a huge part of godliness with respect to our belongings. And laying for ourselves treasure in heaven is an important guiding principle… I guess we could talk a very long while about how to do that. I’m thinking that laying up treasures in heaven is a lesson we’ll be learning all our lives.

  3. Thanks Lindsay and Michelle for posting this! It was good for me to read and think on. I get caught up in taking care of my hiouse and things and getting frustrated with my children for messing up things.

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